Zenith Aircraft STOL Wing Cross Section


Wing “slice” (cross section) of the all-metal high-lift wing of the popular Zenith STOL (CH 701 and CH 750) aircraft designed by Chris Heintz.
Kit includes everything needed to assemble the wing cross section, including blind rivets and nut/bolts. Parts are supplied ready for assembly (final hole-size CNC match-drilled). Assembly tools are not included.

Zenith Aircraft STOL Wing Cross Section


The kids of Aspiring Aviators Aero Club built this “wing slice kit” (wing profile of the high-lift Zenith STOL wing with leading edge slat and flaperon), gaining valuable hands-on kit aircraft building experience, working with tools they’ve never used before, reading blueprints and manuals, inventorying tools and parts, and more! “It was an outstanding educational experience.”

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