STOL CH 750 Option Drawings


STOL CH 750 Options Drawings which includes the drawings (blueprints) for the popular kit options available for the STOL CH750, including the the Folding Wings, Long Range Wing Tanks, Dual Control Sticks, Dual Brakes, Landing Light (LED), Micro VGs, Map Box for Panel, and Center Cabin Console. The option drawings package also includes engine mount blueprints for popular powerplant choices (in addition to the standard Continental O-200 mount), including the  Jabiru 3300, Rotax 912S, Lycoming O-235 (dynafocal & conical).


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STOL CH 750 Option Drawings

The option drawings package is only available as a supplement to the STOL CH 750 Drawings and Manuals package and is not available separately.

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