STOL CH 750 Airframe Kit


The STOL CH 750 Airframe Kit comes with all kit parts to build the airframe: The kit includes the factory riveted wing spars, pre-formed sheet-metal parts (ribs, skins, etc.), factory-welded parts, standard fuel system (dual wing tanks), controls, and hardware required for assembly of the airframe. Skins and most parts are supplied CNC pre-cut and pilot-hole match-drilled! The Airframe Kit includes the Drawings and Manuals for assembly.

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STOL CH 750 Airframe Kit

Not included: firewall-forward powerplant and instruments packages, paint, and upholstery. Crating and shipping charges are extra. 1/2018 Price Update: New price reflects updates to the kit with significantly more CNC drilling (final hole size match-drilled) for quicker and easier assembly.

STOL CH 750 Parts Catalog: Overview of Kit

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