Zenith Aircraft Workshop Event: September 15 & 16, 2021


The September 2021 workshop is held the two days prior to the annual Zenith Homecoming and Open Hangar Days, scheduled for September 17 & 18, 2021
(Please note that the group size may be limited due to coronavirus physical distancing requirements.)

If you’ve always dreamed of building your own airplane, but aren’t sure that you have the required skills, Zenith Aircraft Company will provide you with the opportunity to learn all about building your own Zenith Aircraft kit at one of its factory workshops, where you can actually start building your own airplane. With an emphasis on gaining hands-on building experience, the informal workshops are coordinated by Zenith Aircraft staff and held right in the factory. Small group sizes make the workshops very productive and educational.

Select the Workshop and Aircraft model from the list and select the Program you would like to participant in.  Workshop participants (Program 1 only) may bring along up to two guests or family members at no additional cost. We also offer a dinner for additional $20 per guest which is optional if you would like to join us for dinner.

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Zenith Aircraft Workshop Event: September 15 & 16, 2021

There are two popular workshop programs to choose from:

  • PROGRAM 1 (standard) – This highly recommended program actually gets you started on your own kit aircraft. Build the complete rudder tail section of the Zenith kit aircraft of your choice. Following the detailed instructions from the Drawings and Manuals, you assemble (drill & rivet) the complete rudder section, under the guidance of factory personnel. You get to keep the rudder, and can apply the cost of this program toward purchasing the remainder of the full kit.
  • PROGRAM 2 – This low cost program lets you learn about and experience sheet-metal construction, without assembling your own rudder tail section. You work together with a participant of Program 1.

Details about the Zenith Aircraft factory workshop: http://www.zenithair.net/builder-workshops/

Additional information

Workshop & Aircraft Model

CH750 Cruzer Rudder Kit: Factory Workshop: $375.00, CH750 Super Duty Rudder Kit: Factory Workshop: $425.00, STOL CH750 Rudder Kit: Factory Workshop: $375.00, STOL CH701 Rudder Kit: Factory Workshop: $375.00, CH 650 Rudder Kit: Factory Workshop: $375.00, Zenith High-Wing Workshop (No Rudder Kit: Program 2), Zenith Low-Wing Series Workshop (No Rudder Kit: Program 2)


No Guests- Program 2, No Guests, One Guest/Family Member, Two Guests/Family Member

Dinner per person

0, 1, 2, 3

Zenith Aircraft Complete Kits

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