Complete Tool Kit with Air Drill


Complete Tool Kit with Air Drill

The complete tool kit includes all the basic tools you’ll need to get started on building your own kit aircraft.

Complete Tool Kit with Air Drill

The tool kit includes:

  • Pan American Air Drill (60-310), 3600 rpm
  • Pneumatic Riveter with Custom Machined Heads, with air regulator valve
  • Spiralux Hand Riveter with Custom Machined Heads
  • “Cleco” temporary fasteners (supplied in recommended quantity)
  • “Cleco” Pliers
  • 4 Toggle Clamps
  • 4 Finger “Handi-Clamps”
  • Drill Bits (#30, #40 and #20, supplied in recommended quantity)
  • Left and Right WISS sheet-metal snips
  • Adjustable (“accordion”) hole spacer (10 holes)
  • Metric tape measure
  • “Sharpie” felt tip markers
  • Vixen “Metal Mover” 10-inch hand file
  • 1 half-round 6-inch hand files
  • 1 half-round 8-inch hand files
  • Edge distance marker block

The Tool Kit can be crated and shipped together with the Airframe kit at no additional charge.  The complete tool kit has a shipping weight of approx. 31 lbs. when shipped by UPS. The actual items, quantities and tools specifications are subject to change without notice, depending on aircraft model.

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